Paula Houseman


Apoca[hot]lips - Ruth Roth Series: Book 2

Amazon #1 Bestseller

Up yours! It’s a ballsy attitude for a kid, that, but it served Ruth (Roth) Gold well back then. She desperately needs to revive it now.

Ruth thinks fairy tales are hooey. Not a bad thing. After her marriage tanks, it just makes it easier for her to see that the love of her life is herself. And she’s in a happy place ... until a silver-tongued Prince Charming fronts up in his shiny Merc and tickles her discarded little-girl fantasies. He insists he is ‘The One’.

The man’s got the goods all right and then some. But a romance with this particular PC is not so PC. Who needs the headache, anyway? Still, it’s tempting. What hot-blooded woman can resist forbidden fruit?

What wild child can resist a challenge?

Ruth’s mama is one mofo headache, squawking about the taboo-ness of such a liaison. And with a horrid ‘armed and dangerous’ neighbour weighing in, Ruth decides it’s time to live life in the fast lane again. She takes up with the hottie, and takes on the harpies.

But tensions mount, and Ruth’s man can’t protect her from the voices in her head. It looks like he can’t muzzle his own either.

When an earth-shattering revelation causes him to give her grief—and makes her feel like she’s dating her mother—it leaves Ruth wondering if their love can survive. More to the point, does she want it to?





Paula Houseman’s Odyssey in a Teacup is epically defiant, bold, brazen, painful, hilarious, soul-fortifying, and a must-read for anyone who has ever dared (or hoped) to look at themselves in the mirror and ask the question, How in the hell have I survived?

Stephanie L Harper Author
Odyssey in a Teacup is an uplifting, hilarious, yet at times, sobering story of how bias, religious and superstitious mores, bullying and self-doubt can hinder personal growth, but also how the love of close friends, a sense of humour, and above all, determination can help us to embark on new adventures throughout our life.
Sally Asnicar
Ruth Roth takes on the world! This feisty little girl who becomes a spirited woman takes us on a rip-roaring journey on which she takes no prisoners! This cleverly written irreverent book allows us to share Ruth’s trials and tribulations with incredulity and laughter and, in the end, witness her personal growth.
Suzi Braddic
‘‘Paula Houseman is at it again—wielding her razor-sharp wit in Apoca[hot]lips, a romantic comedy with twists and turns! Unputdownable.
Gabriella Kovac, Bestselling author
'Paula Houseman’s Apoca[hot]lips is the book to get; prepare for hours of laughter as well as a book that will stick with you long after you turn the last page ... I honestly have not laughed so hard or felt so connected to a story. Absolutely brilliant!
Charla White